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The Mother and Child care facilities at Suvidha Hospital are exemplary. Our well qualified medical professionals and trained nursing staff promote an atmosphere of family-centered care. We provide families with personalised maternity counseling and a mother’s lounge to make childbirth comfortable and memorable.

Nature’s role in childbirth is amazing. Keeping this in mind, we place a special emphasis on the natural birthing process. Our Lamaze and antenatal program ensures that you and your spouse are well acquainted with the natural birthing process. We make sure that we will take away your apprehensions, fears and doubts because you should focus on welcoming your precious little one into the family. After all happiness and your baby’s life begins with you.
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We have built a Hospital which matches the highest standards of healthcare delivery.
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Dedicated to Liveliness
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Well Experienced doctors, trained staff, high economic value.
I know exactly how I felt at that time. Great services and support.
Problem: Infertility
Problem: Cesarean Delivery
Name: Mrs. Seema
Name: Confidential
Good care facilities, hygienic and supportive. Should go there...
Problem: Gynaecology
Name: Mrs. Shilpi
A Hospital, governed under the guiding principles of providing affordable medical services to patients with care, compassion & commitment.
Our mission is to deliver health care of excellence in integrated medical care. We aspire to create an ethical & safe environment to treat all with respect and dignity.
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General Surgery
Maternity / Child Care
Family Planning
Care for your vulva and vagina.
Plan your pregnancy.
Work out regularly and in moderation.
Do your Kegel exercises to keep the pelvic floor strong.
Eat a healthy diet to maintain a healthy body weight.
Practice safe sex.
Get your annual gynaecological checkup.
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Suvidha Hospital
dedicated to liveliness
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