1- Get your annual gynaecological checkup.

2- Practice safe sex.

3- Eat a healthy diet to maintain a healthy body weight.

4- Do your Kegel exercises to keep the pelvic floor strong.

5- Work out regularly and in moderation.

Plan your pregnancy.

7- Care for your vulva and vagina.

8- Make every bite count.

9- Consume ample calcium-rich foods.

10- Get enough fluid.

11- Focus on iron-rich foods.

12- Don't drink alcohol, coffee, colas, teas or eat soft cheeses.

13- Don't follow fat diets, like a low-carb diet.

14- Don't gain too much weight.

15- Eat five or six well-balanced meals each day.

16- Take a prenatal vitamin each day as directed by your obstetrician or midwife.

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